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‘Tis the season to be jolly. But unless one detective can find a missing ballerina, it won’t be a happy Christmas…

Danse Macabre (The Neve & Egan Cases, book 3)
Release date: Octobre 12, 2014

Private investigator Alexandra Neve is determined to live up to her newfound fame. Delighted that clients are coming their way, she’s barely squeezing in dates with her cute cop boyfriend and lending festive cheer to the bah-humbugs of her blind partner Ashford Egan. But when they take on the case of a disappearing dancer, Neve’s improved spirits plummet…

Her distress deepens when the cops uncover a nearby murder scene featuring a young woman, arranged with her hands on a piano and her eyes glued open. As London comes to a grinding halt in the Yuletide blizzard, Neve fears another posed corpse will surface before the snow melts.

Will Neve and Egan catch the killer before the trail freezes over?