Other works & deleted/alternate scenes from published books

Here’s some more stuff for you to read, and a look at my editing process…
I hope you will enjoy this fresh material. Disclaimer: all spelling mistakes and typos are mine!

Lucky Number Thirteen
(a deleted scene from Danse Macabre)

Alexandra Neve knows to be weary of arms dealers, thief, and arsonists. One thing she never thought she should be mindful of is Egan in a gambling house.

If she’d known… she wouldn’t have let him carry all of the company’s savings.

This was the first opening of the book. I really enjoyed it, because it showed Egan in a different light (and Lexa in a dress and heels again!).

When the first draft was finished and I started editing the manuscript, I realized something was off with it. There’s nothing wrong with this opening per se… it just doesn’t fit well with the rest of the story.

Maybe it’s because Danse Macabre is the darkest book of the series. This book’s twisted, with a lot of gruesome deaths… and this opening was just too cheerful and light-hearted to blend in nicely.

Sadly, it had to go… but you can still enjoy it here.