Interview 20

31 Decembre 2014


What did you hope to accomplish with your books?
All I’ve ever wanted to do is entertain the reader. I hope to give someone an entertaining break from reality for a little while; take them along for a fun adventure. I hope they will care about my characters and love them as I do.

What is the greatest test you ever faced as a writer?
Promotion is difficult to me. I’m a little shy and a very privy person, so it’s not always easy talking about myself and why I write.

What’s the best advice you ever got about the publishing industry?
There’s a phrase I read once, which has stuck with me since: “You’re the only one who can kill your dreams.” I keep repeating it, when people ask me for advice (and dearly wish I could remember where I got it form). It’s so very true. It’s a tough business, rejection letters stink, and some reviews can make you cry. But you have to keep believing in the dream, you have to keep it alive. Keep going on.

If you could meet two authors, which ones would you pick and why?
Jim Butcher, most definitely. He’s my favourite author. I love the dark humour in his books, the vast array of strange creatures he’s created.
Also, I’d love to meet Michael Crichton. He’s done some really cool and iconic Science Fiction. I’m sure he’s a really interesting guy to talk to.


Originally posted @ Hope. Dreams. Life… Love