Other works & deleted/alternate scenes from published books

Here’s some more stuff for you to read, and a look at my editing process…
I hope you will enjoy this fresh material. Disclaimer: all spelling mistakes and typos are mine!

5 Seconds of Joy and the Aftermath: a Short Story of Nearly Nothing

One morning, an elderly man stands on the edge of a hospital’s rooftop, ready to take his last step. Like the proverbial saying goes, he remembers significant moments of his life.

When there is nothing good to think about, the only thing left is…

This (tiny) story is so different from everything else I’ve ever written. I honestly don’t know where it came from… it just is.

The first draft was written on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon way back in 2008. Back then, it wasn’t much of anything, just one or two pages long. But something about it kept clawing at me, in the back of my head, and it wouldn’t let go.

Maybe it’s the sadness of the piece or the way the story unfolds… but either way, I couldn’t leave it unfinished. So every other month, I would re-read it, add a few words, polish it.

I finally published it, in 2012. And I still love it very much.

Funny trivia: by happenstance, this story was proofread/edited by Louis Warner, lead singer of the London-based rock band High Above The Storm.