Other works & deleted/alternate scenes from published books

Here’s some more stuff for you to read, and a look at my editing process…
I hope you will enjoy this fresh material. Disclaimer: all spelling mistakes and typos are mine!

This entire chapter died when I edited, Russian Dolls, the first book of The Neve & Egan Cases.

Though I had a lot of fun writing it, I felt it slowed down the pacing and postponed the ending too much. Though it pained me greatly, it had to go.

But it has Lexa being uncomfortable at a public event, all the while wearing a fancy dress and high-heels… so I couldn’t let it disappear entirely, right?

Chapter 22
(a deleted scene from Russian Dolls)

Neve and Egan are invited to an official event by the Mayor of London himself.

It’s time for the detective duo to pull out the cocktail dress and tuxedo…