Interview 27

17 Decembre 2014


1. When did you start reading?
As I child. You’d have to ask my mum for the exact year.

2. What was the first book you remember reading? What was the first book that had a real ‘wow’ factor for you?
I can’t really remember the first kids book I had. I know there were some Martine, Tintin and Asterix when I was really young, then a bunch of the Famous Five and the likes. The first one who had a real impact on me though was Stephen King’s It. That’s because I picked it up when I was ten and I found it quite horrific.

3. What attracted you to or got you started reading?

I love reading. It’s a great way to escape the monotony of real life.

4. What genres (topics) have you read? Was there any progression to the genres you’ve read over the years? Did you start in one genre and then discover others the older you got? i.e. scifi and then romance, then paranormal, then espionage….
I read a lot of detective stories when I was younger. Since adulthood, I got more into science-fiction and heroic fantasy, and I’m a sucker for a good urban fantasy novel with dark humor.

5. Who are your favorite authors today? What types of books do you like to read today?
Jim Butcher is number one. I love his Dresden Files series. I also like Brandon Sanderson’s Reckoners series, and Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles series.

6. What do you like in a story? What does it have to have to grab you?
Multi-layered characters, some humor, an interesting plot, and a fast pace.

7. What got you started with writing? And how long have you been writing?
I’ve always loved writing. I was already good at it at school. As a teenager I discovered the world of fanfiction, dabbled in it a bit. I finally found the courage to write ‘a real book’ a few years ago. I haven’t stopped since.

8. What do you like to write about?
Characters are always at the heart of my stories. It starts with them: who they are, how they’re going to evolve, what they will become. Then I shape a story around them.

9. What are you currently working on?
The fourth book in the Neve & Egan series, Blind Chess. It’s a direct continuation of Danse Macabre.

10. What inspired the plot for your current novel?
The dancing aspect was appealing. I’ve always been in awe with dancers, ballerinas especially. There’s such grace to their movements. I’m happy to have been able to incorporate some of these elements in this book. Also, I’d been dying to write a serial killer story for awhile.

11. Anything else you’d like to share?
I just hope you guys will enjoy this book. And if you did, please spread the word.


Originally posted @ The Write to Read