Music has always taken an important place in my life. I listen to it, every day — on my way to work, all day long while at work, when I relax at home. I would even listen to it in the shower, if I had one of those water-proof radios — Santa, if you’re hearing this…


But I don’t listen much to songs when I write. I tried, but it’s too distracting to sing along to We Will Rock You, while I write. Sometimes, when it’s really too quiet at home, I may turn on some movie soundtrack, at a very low volume, but never anything with lyrics.


I’ve done quiet a few bits of Russian Dolls with the soundtrack of Inception and later that of The Dark Knight Rises playing on a loop. I also have one awesome kick-arse Hans Zimmer mix, which I got off of YouTube.


As for my characters, well … they’re a bit like their creator’s — they like music too.


Neve’s quite the rock/metal fan (and really, I wonder who she takes after?). She likes Metallica, and Green Day, and AC/DC, and Rammstein and lots of other bands along the same vein. And I’m sure that if you look at the bottom of her CD collection, you’re going to find some 70-80’s rock music (from both sides of the Atlantic) even if she wasn’t born then.


Egan is more into classical music — opera and the likes. He enjoys the kind of music that is made with real instruments — you know, the stuff they used before computers and the Internet came along. He listens to string quartets and entire big effin’ orchestras.


So yes, when it comes to music, my two PIs aren’t really compatible … but let me tell you a secret: Neve continues to hope that, one day, she will manage to drag Egan to an Apocalyptica concert (yes, it’s metal, but they have strings and all).


Have a nice day — may it rock, one way or another,
– Cristelle