Interview 38

19 August 2018


What inspired you to come up with the idea for your book?

Not everyone knows it, but history is filled with hundreds of different mythologies, and each one is bursting with a plethora of monsters and legends. It’s a fascinating subject.

Now imagine if all these stories were true, if all these deities were alive… somewhere. That’s the idea behind the Vale Investigation series. I really wanted to do a series where each book focuses on a different mythology.

Do you have a favorite scene? If so, what was it?

The main character, PI Bellamy Vale, moonlights as death’s envoy on Earth. Because she doesn’t have a name, Vale nicknamed her Lady McDeath. I love the scenes they have together. She’s often pissed at something Vale did or didn’t do. And he would love it if she could find someone else to do his job. They’re a lot of fun to write.

Any challenges in writing this book?

Most of the research I do is mythology-oriented. I already had some knowledge prior to starting to work on Vale Investigation, but I had to learn a lot more to enrich my universe. I knew there were lots of different mythologies, but I didn’t think there was that many. Did you know in Africa alone, there are about 30 different subcategories and over a hundred deities?

What do you love most about writing?

Bringing new characters to life and seeing them evolve. For me writing is all about the characters, they’re at the heart of everything. Stories are the emotional journey they take to grow and mature.

What other books have you written?

I have written a series of four cozy mysteries, the Neve & Egan Cases. It’s the story of young university student Alexandra Neve and her blind History professor Ashford Egan. A series of event leads them to open a private detective agency together in London.

Do you have a favorite book (out of the ones you’ve written)?

Yes, the fourth book of the Neve & Egan Cases. It’s (almost) entirely written from Egan’s POV. It’s was a huge challenge to write a blind person has the main character. It gave me a lot of headaches, but I’m very proud of myself for having achieved that.

Originally posted @ Author Deborah A Bailey