Happy 2020 everyone!!!

Oh what a splendid year this has been.
Two new stories came out (Evil Embers and Season’s Bleeding), I had time to re-do all the covers to my Neve & Egan books and edit the stories within as well. This website saw a major layout upgrade (with the addition of an online shop feature so that you can now buy signed copies).  

Let’s hope 2020 will be just as fun! 

And it sure is off to a great start, with the upcoming release of the third Vale Investigation book: Avenging Spirit, which you can already pre-order.

Happy New Year everyone!


He can’t be killed. But that protection doesn’t extend to his friends…

PI Bellamy Vale may have sold his soul to Hell, but his heart’s in the right place. So when a friend reaches out for help to find his missing niece, he readily agrees. But the straightforward case takes a dark turn when he discovers deadly ancient rituals and a mysterious vigilante prowling Little Japan.

Pushing hard to uncover the truth, Vale gets trapped by a supernaturally connected crime boss and faces a choice: steal a powerful rare artifact or say goodbye to his buddy. To disobey will end someone’s life, but giving in could summon an underworld force that not even Lady McDeath’s mighty powers can defeat…

Will Vale put his immortal status on the line and save the world from a fate worse than death?