I went out last night, and got to see One Republic live, in Lausanne. I’d already seen them perform a couple of years ago, and I was very much looking forward to a second show! It was awesome! They delivered big, did a really terrific show, with lots of energy and interaction with the crowd. (Too bad the sound was really bad at times, but I blame it on the venue’s acoustic not the band).


I just had the most amazing surprise, this morning. Hundreds of people downloaded my eBook during the night!!!! Yes, hundreds… plural.

So, I hit #2 on the ‘British Detectives’ list (may have it #1 at some point during the night — guess I’ll never know). And #888 in the overall list. Damn it! 888 out of some ten’s of thousands! That rocks!

Thank you a million you guys for making my day!