That’s it folks, Ruby Heart, book two of the ‘Neve & Egan cases’ is available both as a paperback and as an eBook.

Buy it, gift a copy to your friends and family, leave a copy on the train/bus for a stranger to find, but mostly, please, help spread the word 🙂


Following the events of Russian Dolls, Neve & Egan opened their own business — Neve & Egan – Private Eyes Agency, they’re called (pun intended) — but the job is not as advertised.


Life isn’t always like it is in books and films, so why should the job of PI be so? Most of their cases involve suspicious spouses and lost items, or even worse… lost dogs. They’re low on cash, can’t afford a proper office, and there’s an awful lot of waiting around involved in this profession.


So when PI Alexandra Neve meets with new client, Doris Hardgrave, about a mysterious jewel, her hopes lift up. If she’d known what this job would entail, she might have reconsidered but shush don’t tell her yet…


Paperback: [link] (retail price $11.99)
eBook: [link] (retail price $2.99)